1. "There are a number of important issues to consider before beginning a construction job as an "owner-builder." This section guides you through some of the legal obligations and risks you face."


  2. If your tooth hurts, and you decide to hold off on seeing the dentist until the pain is unbearable, then your dentist bill may end up a lot higher than it could have been had you went right away. The same holds true for your Heater.  If a small part is malfunctioning, then it puts a strain on the entire system.  The more strain the Heater is under, the quicker properly working parts wear out, and the more expensive it is for you.


  3. If your winter energy bills make you feel sick, then maybe you own an older model Heater. Today’s systems are much more energy efficient than those made even 5 years ago.  With that said, how efficient is a system 10 years old?  15 years old??  20 years old???  If your Heater is more than 10 years old, then the savings you will receive on your energy bills and maintenance repairs will pay for your new Heater in a surprisingly short amount of time.


  4. Make sure that your Air Filters are clean!  Check them twice per year, once before Winter, and once before Summer.  Clogged air filters place a strain on the system, in that more effort is required to suck in the appropriate amount of air that it needs, if it will be able to accomplish this at all.  The more strain you put on your Heater the more money you are taking out of your pocket.



  6. A Heater is designed to warm your home up by 20 degrees relative to the outside temperature. Therefore, set your thermostat accordingly. If the temperaure outside is 50 degrees, then set your thermostat for 70 degrees. If you have your thermostat set for 75 degrees or higher, then your Heater will never turn off. This will cause your energy bills to be at their highest and will cause the most wear and tear on your system.


  7. "…it is illegal to ask for or accept a down payment of more than 10 percent of the total home improvement contract price or $1,000, whichever is less."



  9. Don’t have an existing system? Or has your current one basically given up on you? All the more reason to give us a call so that we can together figure out your options, and then install the air conditioning or heating system which most closely matches your needs.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, then give us a call at 818-888-2429.


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    Coming out of the factory, seeing the world as sometimes cold, sometimes hot, and deciding…  it’s time to moderate these temperatures!  Give us a call at 818-888-2429 if you need quality Heating or Air Conditioning service in the Los Angeles area.